. Cuisine of the sea. Cuisine of the unknown seas. From all the sea left for us to explore, from nearly the entire sea. Mysterious. Infinite. Cuisine from the sea we think we know. Cuisine from the sea we despise, that we forget. Cuisine from salt water, from salt, from plankton, from seaweed. Cuisine from the origin of the world. Cuisine from the abyssal light, from marine monsters, from the deep and the surface. From the blood of the sea. Blue cuisine. Cuisine from the silence and the darkness. Cuisine from the tides. From the rocks shattered by the sea. Cuisine from the moon and the sun in the sea. From the earth that is sea. Cuisine from the people of the sea. From the line of the horizon. Cuisine of the sea. Only from the sea. Extraterrestrial cuisine.
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Frequent questions

Gift Voucher purchasing conditions

• You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a Gift Voucher.
• The recipient shall have until the end of the season to redeem their Gift Voucher.
• The date on which the Gift Voucher can be used shall be subject to the Restaurant’s availability.
• We recommend you to book the table as far in advance as possible.
• The Gift Voucher must be presented at the Restaurant on the day of the booking.
• As we change our menu three times per season, the menus are subject to change but the number of dishes will remain the same.
• To make a booking, you must provide the Gift Voucher reference number.
• If your Gift Voucher is for a set date and you wish to change it, you must contact our reservations department at least five days ahead of said date (the date is subject to availability).
• Punctuality is essential in order to be able to fully enjoy the experience.
• You must furnish us with a postal address to which to send the Gift Voucher.

Gift Voucher cancellation policy

• We would like to inform you that Gift Vouchers are not refundable. However, it is possible to change the name of the recipient as long as the Restaurant’s reservations department has been notified in advance.

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