Your reservation will not be effective until it has been confirmed by our team.

Kitchen opening hours: 13:00-13:30 / 20:00-20:30
* Reservations made more than 90 days in advance will not be accepted, nor will bookings made less than 48 hours in advance via our website.
* Please let us know if you have any type of food allergy.

We do not accept bookings using Smartbox gift vouchers.


Thinking of giving a very special gift?

Turn a gift into a unique celebration that a special person: a friend, relative, or loved one will never forget. Choose one of our menus, with or without wine pairing, simply and easily.

"Groundswell"* Menu
* Price per person €225 (VAT included). Wine pairing €100 (optional):
Juan-Ruiz Henestrosa and Miguel Rodríguez are on hand to suggest wine pairings to go with our cuisine.
"Calm Sea"* Menu
* Price per person €195 (VAT included). Wine pairing €80 (optional):
Juan-Ruiz Henestrosa and Miguel Rodríguez are on hand to suggest wine pairings to go with our cuisine.

Acepto los Términos y Condiciones / I accept the terms and conditions

Diners should arrive at the restaurant at the following times:
Lunch: 13:00 to 13:30
Dinner: 20:00 to 20:30

What are we seeking?
To offer the experience of eating and drinking in a unique and different way through Ángel León and his crew’s 21st-century reinterpretation of the cuisine of the sea.
40 diners can enjoy the experience that we offer at our tables at each lunch or dinner cover.
This involves 19 courses for the Calm Sea Menu or 24 courses for the Groundswell Menu, divided into acts that combine cold dishes, hot dishes, desserts and petit fours. These can be enjoyed together with a wine pairing or, if you prefer, with any of the Spanish or international wines on our wine list.

Can I take photos and videos?
Yes, as long as they are for your personal and private use only. The publication of photos and/or videos is not allowed without the prior permission of our crew. The element of surprise is essential for our team, and we thus ask that you respect our privacy when it comes to revealing the way we do things.

How long does the meal last?
Between 3 and 3½ hours. It also depends on the pace that the diners set. In addition, if you smoke, we suggest you let us know how many cigarette breaks you intend to take so that we can take this into account.

The menus may contain food allergens

If I have an allergy, am celiac, intolerant to a particular type of food, or there is an ingredient I don’t like, is an alternative possible?
Yes, as long as you notify the reservations department before confirming your booking. We will discuss it with the chef in order to modify the menu to the extent possible and adapt it to your needs.

I am vegetarian, is there a menu for me?
We do not have a menu that is exclusively for vegetarians because our menus are based exclusively in sea products.

Can I come to the restaurant with small children?
If you wish to come to Aponiente with children you must contact the Restaurant’s reservations department in advance; they will give you all the necessary information.

Is there only wine pairing with the menu?
No, we also have an extensive wine list and our sommelier will help you choose the most appropriate wine to go with your meal. In addition, we also offer alcohol-free drinks.

What happens if I do not show up on the day of my booking or I wish to cancel it?
Bookings must be cancelled at least 5 days prior to the date you have booked so that we can fill the table again. In case that you modify or cancel your reservation 24 h before, a charge (82 € per person) will be done from the credit card done.

Can we change the date, time or the cover of the booking? Can we add more people to the booking?
Yes, if you do so 5 days ahead of the date of your booking. You must notify the reservations department by calling them on 606 22 58 59 or, if you prefer, by emailing them at Changes to bookings at the Restaurant are always subject to availability.

What happens if we have booked for four people but in the end there are only two of us? (reduction in the number of initial diners)
A reduction in the number of diners is allowed. This must be done at least 5 days ahead of the date of your booking. You must notify the reservations department by calling them on 606 22 58 59 or, if you prefer, by emailing them at
The process for the two is the same as for when you made the initial booking, except that in this case, payment of the booking has already been made.

Is it possible to put tables together if the booking is for a group?
No, this is not possible. The fact that our tables are round makes this impractical.

Is punctuality important?
Punctuality is paramount.
Booking times are designed to allow the dining room and kitchen staff to give diners their utmost attention. Arriving at the set time is therefore extremely important.

Can I gift the Aponiente experience?
Why not give the Aponiente experience as a gift? Purchase the entire experience on our website from the Gift Voucher section by filling in the required fields of the form. Payment is made via the platform and you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

Gift Voucher purchasing conditions


• You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a Gift Voucher.

• The recipient shall have until the end of the season to redeem their Gift Voucher.

• The date on which the Gift Voucher can be used shall be subject to the Restaurant’s availability.

• We recommend you book the table as far in advance as possible.

• The Gift Voucher must be presented at the Restaurant on the day of the booking.

• As we change our menu three times per season, the menus are subject to change but the number of dishes will remain the same.

• To make a booking, you must provide the Gift Voucher reference number.

• If your Gift Voucher is for a set date and you wish to change it, you must contact our reservations department at least five days ahead of said date (the date is subject to availability).

• Punctuality is essential in order to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

• You must furnish us with a postal address to which to send the Gift Voucher.

Gift Voucher cancellation policy

• We would like to inform you that Gift Vouchers are not refundable. However, it is possible to change the name of the recipient as long as the Restaurant’s reservations department has been notified in advance.